Sunday, December 7, 2008

OMG She's Actually Updating!

Yep. It's true.

So today, I had a craving for burgers. And I had time to plan, and go to the store, and whip up a little dinner.

Et... Voila!


Sliders a'la Jady.
Served with homemade creamed garlic spinach.

Here's how it goes.

Ground Chuck 1 lb
Salt N Pep.
Crushed Garlic
Soft Rolls. Whichever ones you like. Itty Bitty ones.
Grey Poupon
Half an onion, sliced thin
Coupla Shrooms. Sliced thin.
Cayenne Pep
Spinach, fresh, roughly chopped.

Take your pound of ground chuck.
Sprinkle in some salt and pepper, and crush in a bit of garlic for that ooomph.
Mix but don't meatloaf, and shape into little pattys. I did square. -ish.
Heat 2 big skillets. One on medium for the pattys, one on medium for the spinach.
Also a small one, for caramelizing onions.

Melt some buttah in the small skillet over medium heat. Add the onions and stir to coat with butter. Saute until they begin to transluce. I don't know if that's a word but it should be. If the cooking is done slow enough, and the onions are stirred enough, they will caramelize (eventually) and turn golden brown, sweet goodness. When this happens, remove them from the pan, and saute the shroomys with a little more butter in the same pan.

Melt some buttah in the spinach skillet. Lotsa buttah, actually, we're making a light roux here. Add some crushed garlic. However much you can stand. Saute a bit to cook some of the sting out of it. Making sure you have excess butter, sprinkle or sift in some flour, stir to combine and cook the floury taste out of it. (4-5 minutes... or more. Whatever. Don't let it get dark.) Pour in milk. This part works better if the milk is warmed. I used about a cup of milk to 4 tablespoons of butter and flour. Do what works for you. Stir or whisk the milk in, lower the heat, add salt, pepper, nutmeg, and cayenne pepper. Stir to combine and let the mixture thicken.

Add the burger pattys to the skillet and let them brown on one side.

Keep an eye on the Spinach Sauce, stirring as necessary. When the sauce has thickened, add the coarsely chopped spinach. I used a pre-washed package of baby spinach, and I didn't use all of it. Stir to coat the spinach with the cream sauce and allow the spinach to wilt.

Flip the burgers. (duh.)

Cook the spinach on low to wilt and then keep warm while the burgers finish cooking to your liking. (also add cheese and let it melt if you want cheese. This ain't rocket science.)

Add some mushrooms to the spinach, if you like, and also if you're serving the Sliders with grey poupon, a spoonful of that in the spinach certainly wouldn't hurt.

Cut your slider rolls in half, slather the bottom half with mustard 'n mayo (I mix it together in a sort of dijon aioli, 2 to one Dijon to Mayo)
Put some of the caramelized onions on each bottom bun.
Add one burger patty per bun, and top each with a coupla the sauteed shroomys.

Top with the top half of the bun slightly askew, so ketchup can be added if necessary.

I hollow out the bottoms and tops of my buns, 'cause I find them to be overwhelming with all that bread, but again, do whatcha like.

Serve the spinach either on the side or in individual bowls if you don't like runoff.


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